Stained and Chalk Painted Desk

Shabby Chic Desk


Oh Summer, how you make my days go by so fast. Posts have been few and far between. But it is not for the lack of getting things done. It’s remembering to take the photos during the transformation while keeping a 5 and 7 year old busy…..

So here is one that has all the photos!


 So quaint and simple.

But here is what it started out like.

I got this desk from my new friend Jeane. Cute right? Lots of potential. It had a big gap on the top.

This was easily fixed by putting wood glue sprayed with some water to spread the glue in all the right places. Secure with a vise.

Let it dry overnight.

I then sanded the whole thing down. I filled the ripped laminate with wood fill.

I painted the front and sides using Annie Sloan Chalk Painted in Country Grey. Sanding it down and adding clear wax.

Instead of using Chalk Paint for the top, I sanded it down and stained it using an espresso glaze. To seal it, I used dark wax to give it a matte look.

Did you notice the lamp made from a jack? Super fun and easy to make. I will be doing a tutorial on it later.

On a side note, school starts in 4 weeks. I love my kids, but they (ok, me too) crave a routine. This summer has been a free for all. I miss my endless lists and schedules!

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