Bleach pen vs. Elmer’s Glue Gel

Bleach and glue  are all  rage over at pinterest. So I thought I would give it a try. I wanted to add my own spin.

For the gray shirt I used the bleach pen. First I put a piece of cardboard covered in freezer paper so that it wouldn’t bleed through to the back of the shirt.

At first I was going to use a stencil made from freezer paper from a design my mom drew (thanks MOM!). But decided that I could just draw it out with the bleach pen.

Notice the sleeve and the wrist. Be careful where your pen lands. OOPS, just a dot, so I had to make a flower. Waiting takes FOREEVVVVVER as my 5 year old says. The longer you do, the whiter the design becomes.

When it gets to the color you want, *(about 15-20 min) rinse in cold water. And hang to dry.

Once dry it was cute, but I wanted to add a little bling to each of my flowers.

I sewed little silver beads to each dot and the center of all flowers. Embroidery thread works best.

For the pink shirt:

I started out with a shirt I found on clearance that had coffee stains. (I promise they weren’t mine, but you know how I LOVE me some coffee!)

I used my bleach pen to just wash that out. Then used Elmer’s Blue glue gel.

I drew a flower on a piece of paper to practice what I liked. (Put the shirt protector back between your shirt.) Then I applied it to my shirt. The great thing about this method is if you do hate it you can always just wash it out.

Although, I did like my drawing, as it was drying I couldn’t tell what it looked like. So the down side.

This was a shirt I did for my sister, Lesli (her birthday present) (love you Les, here is a picture of your gift!) I had to add the arrow and distort the photo as the glue is clear when it dries. The pink shirt I couldn’t get a photo to show you the glue.

Now for the fun part. RIT Dye  is so awesome! Check out their FB page and their website. They even tell you what dyes to mix together to make other colors. I poured hot water into my stainless steel sink, added salt and about 1/3 of my bottle. I added my shirt…. notice coffee is always close at hand!

Immerse your fabric in and stir occasionally. After about 20 minutes rinse until all color runs out. Let dry.

Ok, so remember what I said about not being able to see what I was drawing? Well, I didn’t   like how light my lines were.

So, I took my bleach pen and darkened them! This took only about 2 minutes. Make sure to put your board back in between your shirt. Rinse it out again.

Then I added my beads. This time pink little ones.

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