Annie Sloan Chalk Paint VS CeCe Caldwell’s

I love chalk infused paint. Making my own recipes is still my favorite, but I have to say the choices on the market are pretty spectacular.

Vintage Home Collective carries CeCe Caldwell’s. CeCe is American made, no VOC’s and uses recycled containers. The paint is chalk and clay.

Now Big Red didn’t start out this way. He started out more like this:

old and full of potential just like I like ‘em.

I used CeCe’s Sedona Red. I shook the can briskly, as per the directions. I used 1 coat. The great thing about this paint is that it you use very little of it.

I sanded down the top and added jacobean stain. I used a 120 grade sandpaper to sand down the red in all the spots I wanted.

CeCe’s wax is all natural as well. One coat of that followed by a coat of aging wax. Easy breazy.

then came the knobs. The originals are amazing. Big brown wood. But the drawer still needed something.

My sister, Lesli, sent me some just as big glass knobs.

Great huh. But I think Big Red needed something else.

I changed the knobs to ones that had the matching color painted behind glass.

Turns out Big Red has a touch of a feminine side. Oh yeahhhh…

ok, now for the vs. part.

I get my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Junk Chic Designs. For this cool vintage table I used  Country Grey.

How awesome is this piece? It has castors and the middle areas turn as a lazy susan.  When I got it, it looked like this:

I found some castors on ebay that fit perfectly.

I added clear wax and dark wax.

Both pieces are amazing.


CeCe Caldwell’s

  1. price is less than $30 for a quart
  2. can usually only take one coat
  3. great color variety
  4. no VOC’s
  5. uses recycled containers
  6. no priming or pre-sanding can go on ANY surface

Annie Sloan:

  1. can usually take one coat
  2. great color variety
  3. chips perfectly every time
  4. paint brushes clean up even when completely dry
  5. paint lasts for a longggg time
  6. no priming or pre-sanding can go on ANY surface


Ce Ce Caldwell’s

  1. you could say cost, but when you do 5 pieces including tables and dressers, cost per unit is pretty small
  2. doesn’t chip as easily. Sands down fine, but doesn’t flake

Annie Sloan

  1. again cost is almost $40 per quart. Lasts a little longer so cost per piece is low
  2. VOC’s

Over all, I love both paints and use them daily. Both are still not as readily available in most areas as needed. But I suppose that is the marketing part of it. It makes you want it when you can’t get it. Right? I love that there is no prepping required and you can apply it so easily. Both companies have there dealers teach classes so even a novice can feel comfortable.

So who wins? For the money, jobs in the USA and a big thumbs up to the environment I pick CeCe Caldwell’s.


Stay tuned for more paint battles.

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